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Two long-lost albums...

"Analog Men" (1994) 
and "Ride" (1996)

... now available as mp3 downloads!

These two CDs are out of print and difficult to find anywhere at any price ... but we're making these hidden Orleans gems available to 
YOU ... our fans ... right here, right now! ...
and at special discount pricing!
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   The History:

"Analog Men" (1994) was released ONLY in Japan. We originally envisioned this as an American release, but it never happened. Instead, it became the starting point of the "Ride" album ... released in both the US and Japan in 1996.

Only a few of the tunes from "Analog Men" ("Heaven", "Analog Man" and "Love's Not Just For Other People") actually made it to "Ride". We had written so many new and, in our opinion at the time, "better" songs by then, we simply didn't have room for any other than those we considered to be the best from "Analog Men". 

Listening back now, I don't know what we were thinking! There was a LOT of VERY COOL stuff on A-Men! But I digress ...

Only "Other People" was brought forward intact, while "Heaven" underwent a major reworking. "Analog Man" also got some reconstructive surgery (and both operations were worth the results!)

But hey ... don't take our word for it. Now, because of a combination of timing and technologyYOU can be the judge of that!

Now that the licensing term of these masters has expired, we can bring these tracks to YOU directly! No middleman, no label ... in fact, no physical product (oh, well :-) ... but the MUSIC is ready to be downloaded right on to your hard drive!

Listen to ALL of these samplers ---
The first 10 cuts are the Analog Men tracks, the second 10 cuts are from Ride:


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That's TWENTY great hard-to-get and rarely-heard genuine Orleans songs! To most fans, this is NEW music from Orleans, even though it's vintage stuff ...  kinda like discovering buried treasure!

At only 89 cents per tune, no serious Orleans fan or collector could pass this offer up. That's just $17.80 for all 20 songs.
But WAIT! How about an even better deal?

Go ahead and get ALL TWENTY TRACKS for only $14.97 total! That's less than 75 cents a tune! That's like getting 3 tunes for FREE! (yeah ... try that at iTunes ... NOT!)

YOUR CHOICE --- individual cuts at only 89 cents apiece or ALL TWENTY for only $14.97 total. Either way, you're just moments away from having more Orleans music stored in your computer, ready to play and transfer to your iPod!

You know you want to do this ... so go ahead! "Analog Men" and "Ride" are yours, right now!

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   The story continues: 

Four cuts from the hardly-heard "Ride" CD were brought forward on to the recent
"Dancin' in the Moonlight" album --- a full 10 years later. Those are "Other People" (remastered, but otherwise still intact from the original recording), "Heaven" (as redone for "Ride"), "Yestertime" and "In My Dream". "Get a Life", also found on "Dancin' in the Moonlight", was an outtake from the "Analog Men" sessions and appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese release of "Ride".

Due to existing licenses, because of their inclusion on the "Dancin' in the Moonlight" CD,  these songs are not available here as downloads. Sorry ... but NO PROBLEM!

Pick up these 5 tracks PLUS the rest of "Dancin' in the Moonlight" --- as mp3s or CD --- by
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