Conjuring CD

"Eclectic" hardly says it but, if you like Orleans, the Beatles, James Taylor, CSN, etc. ... if you like well-crafted, hook-laden, melody/harmony driven songs with intelligent, even poignant lyrics ... if you like great playing, singing and production're gonna like this album. Best known as a founding member of Orleans, this collection of Lance's represents the unheard side of the usually "quiet one" of the group, taking you on a journey through his Pop/Rock, Americana, R&B and even Country influences.


No More Than You Can Handle CD

40 Years of the best of Orleans! One disc all live, the other disc all studio. This double-disc set includes all your favorites PLUS new soundalike remakes of the hits AND two recent masters from 2011. If you thought you had it all, think again!


History of Orleans DVD

Full of interview footage with those of us who have been on the front lines of this journey and performance videos dating back as far as 1973 (before the Midnight Special, but that's in here, too :-).

This is the definitive, authorized, 100% accurate and official history of Orleans! ... and something every serious Orleans fan should have in his or her collection.

Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $18.99

Last Band Standing DVD

The sequel to the Official History of Orleans DVD ... post-2012 and the loss of brother Larry Hoppen, with the return of co-founder John Hall, the re-configured Orleans plays a show in March of 2013, streamed live over the internet from GRP Studios in Altamonte Springs, FL. While in rehearsals, the band members both reminisce about the past and speak of the potentials of the future for Orleans as the "work in progress" continues


2 DVD Set at 10% Discount!

Official History of Orleans AND the Last Band Standing DVDS
as a set, at a 10% discount. That's a savings of $3.99 off retail (which is really more like 10.25% :-)

Orig.: $38.98
Sale: $34.99

A Career in Music: How to Stand a Chance, by Larry Hoppen

Part autobiograhically-based essay on what it takes to make it as a working musician ... part primary education on how to manage money as you manage yourself as an artist, so that the fruits of your labors might amount to something. A rare item you won't find anywhere else, full of photographs of Larry's early and later personal and musical life.fefe  . .


Analog Men CD

Newly re-released after years of being out of print, this 1994 Japanese-only release is now available in limited quantities. Not to be left out of your collection, this 11-song album was the precursor to Ride.


Ride CD

Newly re-released after years of being out of print, this album is the band's evolution from Analog Men into what many consider some of their very best work, EVER! ... yet most of the world has yet to hear it. Now YOU can be one of the few who end up with one (or more) of these limited-edition copies.

Using the Japanese-version release as the master, this disc boasts a full 15 tracks ... which is 2 more than the American release.


Dancin' in the Moonlight CD

Newly re-released after years of being out of print, Dancin' in the Moonlight is the band's most recent all-studio, new music release (2005), which includes their modern rendition of this classic 70s King Harvest hit.

But did you know just how connected Orleans is to this song? Keep reading ...


Analog Men - Ride - Moonlight 3 CD package @ 25% off!

 All 3 of the above newly re-released discs at a deep discount.

Orig.: $35.91
Sale: $26.93

Obscurities CD

Back in Print ! - "Obscurities" is a collection of 13 previously unreleased and UNHEARD STUDIO TRACKS! Spanning the years from 1977 to 2008, the CD includes cuts from several different band rosters (Larry & Lance with Wells Kelly, John Hall, Bob Leinbach, etc.). As a BONUS, Obscurities contains the first Master recording by Orleans following John's departure to Congress!


'75 Live Harvard Square CD

This rare high-quality 1975 recording captures the original Orleans line-up of John Hall, Larry & Hoppen and Wells Kelly at their creative and energetic peak. Originally simulcast on radio on the night of the show, this recording later became a part of the King Biscuit Flower Hour catalog. It's now been re-released by Fuel Records. We only have 100 fewer than 50 copies and when they're gone, they're gone.

Orig.: $11.97
Sale: $10.00

Orleans Live: Volumes 1 & 2 CD Set

Recorded live over a 2-night gig at the Bearsville Theater (just outside of the band's home base of Woodstock, NY) in October of 1990, this double CD set marks Orleans' return after a 3-year sabattical. Totally on fire, Larry, Lance and John reconvened with cohorts Bob Leinbach (keys & vocals) and Peter O'Brien (drums), with the additions of Paul Branin on guitar / sax and Rob Leon on percussion / additional bass, Cameos by John Sebastian, Jonell Mosser and Lane Hoppen round out the lineup for a rousing Rock 'n' Roll outing!

This is essentially a "Greatest Hits Live" collection .. and then some!

Orig.: $19.97
Sale: $14.97

Still the One: LIVE! - 30th Anniversary Retrospective CD

By 2002, John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Lance Hoppen had already been in the business of making music for more than a quarter of a century. The music of Orleans read like some of the world's finest and most beloved songs ... like the title of this new collection  ... Still The One - Live. For this unique antholgy CD, the band went into their three-decade-long archives to find some of the rarest takes of live material  ...  unreleased tracks all.

Orig.: $11.97
Sale: $10.00

4 Live CD Set at a 25% Discount!

Special Offer --- "One of Each" of our 4 LIVE CDs at a 25% discount off the price of buying them separately.



Start From Where You Are - The Lance Collection

Lance's first "solo" CD collection. A mixture of Orleans cuts from past releases plus several unreleased and rarely heard tracks from his other ventures, this album features the best of Lance's works as "singer/songwriter". For the Orleans fan who has everything, this is a must-add to your collection.


Boffalongo 1 & 2 CD Set

Now HERE's something you don't find everyday ... CDs of music from one of our own, pre-dating Orleans! ... vintage '69 / '70.

These are digitally remasterd discs with booklet artwork replicated from the original album covers, encased in high-quality heavyweight jewel cases. Collector's value? ... Priceless !!!

Go ahead ... grab a piece of musical history NOW. There's no tellin' how long our source will be able to provide these to us.


40th Anniversary Tee-Shirt

40th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirts!

Come Celebrate With Us. Who knew we'd still even be around? But thanks to YOU, our fans and friends, we're 40+ years in and Still Havin' Fun! 

Go ahead and grab some of these collector's t-shirts ... while our supplier is still willing to make them!
Available in Men's/Unisex S - XXXXL and Women's V-Neck S - XXL



Guertin's T-Shirts+ Clearance Sale!

HELLO!!! I'm John Guertin. I make all the T-Shirts and stuff for Orleans and I say "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!" Need to find a gift for someone? Or maybe you want something for yourself? Well, here's your chance to grab some surplus Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tour Jackets, Caps ... all at ROCK-BOTTOM CLEARANCE PRICES!

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NOTE --- All the items from here on down are no longer available for one reason or another. We leave them posted here only so that you may read about and listen to audio clips of these important archival pieces of the Orleans body of work.

No Price

St Thomas DVD/CD Set

Dancin' in St. Thomas Moonlight
Only a LIMITED number of DVD/CD Sets Available! Get Yours NOW!

 The onstage reunion of ex-bandmates Larry Hoppen and Doc Robinson ... the lead singer on the King Harvest hit version of the song ... after 40 years! This is the full-circle story of the song Dancin' in the Moonlight... and how it spawned this concert under the stars to benefit a Caribbean orphanage. 



One of the Lucky Ones - Larry Hoppen

Larry's final solo project. SORRY. We are permanently out of stock on this.

Band includes Tony Levin, David Sancious, Terry Silverlilght. Guests iclude the late, great Cornelius Bumpus, Billy Squier, Michelle Mailhot (Toxic Audio), Beth Schafer, Bob Leinbach, Lance Hoppen, Charlie Morgan, Jim Campagnola.

No Price

Larry Hoppen - Hand Made

Sorry. We are permanently out of stock on this.

Since producing and gathering this eclectic collection of demos, live performances and studio tracks in 1998, Larry has made, signed and dated these CDs one at a time for countless fans.

Bonus: a NEW Spring Fever version – previously available only on the Japanese HandMade release – is now included here.
Still treasured for the rarity of many tracks, we’ve decided to offer it here. All credits are in the booklet, with Larry continuing to personally put your package together, signing and dating it.

No Price

We're Still Havin' Fun DVD

Sorry. We are no longer able to offer these discs on our site. You may be able to purchase the "We're Still Havin' Fun" CD through SONY/BMG.

Our "We're Still Havin' Fun" DVD has been selling consistently since its release in 2007... Watch videoclips here and see why for yourself.

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"We're Still Havin' Fun" CD

Sorry. We are no longer able to offer these discs from our site. You may be able to purchase directly through SONY/BMG.

Orleans' "We're Still Havin' Fun" features 10 great live tracks from the DVD of the same name. Recorded in August, 2006, and hotter than ever, this totally-modern Orleans kicks out the jams on tunes spanning their incredible 35-year history

No Price