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Mall Cop

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The Emergence of a Modern Legend!

It was a typically chilly January day in Toronto; on the eve of the big S.A.S.S. fundraiser at the Markham Theatre. Orleans were the "guests of honor" at the pre-gig dinner party, and it was our pleasure to play a scaled-down, impromptu set for dessert.



Not much in the way of gear --- acoustic guitars, a couple of mini-amps and a table-top PA system.                 photos by Cheryl Eckler

Searching for some hand percussion, Charlie came up with a pair of maracas from a friend and some buckets & kitchen utensils, thanks to the restaurant staff.

Now we were fully armed and dangerous!

Sure ... Dance With Me, Love Takes Time, Still the One, etc ... but what else could we offer these 2 dozen VIPs? Something unusual ... unique. Suddenly Larry prompts Fly to do "Mall Cop".

"What's that?", the rest of us inquire? After some hemming and hawwing, Fly says, "Just follow me".

What happened next took everyone by surprise, including those of us presenting it. With everyone cracking up with each new lyric, it was all we could do to keep playing!

The small crowd LOVED it ... .
... and the organizers insisted that we play "Mall Cop" at the big show the following evening. Once again, the audience was taken off-guard. 

Afterwards, people were asking "What CD is Mall Cop on?

Fly Amero

Orleans started playing the tune at every gig ... with Fly's reluctant approval. "Oh no! ... what have I done!", he winced.

Audiences howling, players struggling to keep a straight face, people asking where to get Mall Cop ... it took on a surprising life of its own!

So, we decided to capture Mall Cop on video!
This is from a trio show (adding percussionist Manuel Quintana) at The Egg in Albany, NY on May 19th, 2007.

(You might also want to download the mp3 audio for your iPod)

Hey! --- Did you know that Fly has a Gold Record (RIAA Certified) for the Atlantic album "Twisted Christmas"? To learn more, please visit http://FlyAmero.com/comedy

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