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Tampa Busch Gardens
Stanleyville Theatre, March 27 - 30, 2008
* a pictorial essay *
thanks to Cheryl E. for all the great shots!


Orleans takes the stage for a 4-day, 12-show performance at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Playing the hits repeatedly while mixing up the rest of the set kept both the band and audience engaged, with many coming back to see several shows. Here is the story in pictures.

First up ...

... Dance
With Me

In My Dream

Sunglasses all 'round make Mall Cop happen

... with fingers snappin'!

Claire & Maeve Hoppen

Larry's twin daughters join the band to sing background vocals on Still the One. Stardom came naturally to the girls as they signed autographs at the merchandise table.

From out of nowhere, newcomer Matt Moran tied Lois for the 12-show crown! Who knew?!?!
Superfan Lois Myers, who held the previous record for Most Consecutive Shows --- 9 in a row at Epcot a few years ago --- surpassed herself by attending ALL TWELVE SHOWS at Busch Gardens ... her title of "9 -show Lois" escalating to "12-show Lois"!

Uncle Lane hangin' with the starlets, Claire and Maeve.

90 degrees straight down vertical drop!

Lane, biz partner Andy Broady (left) and sound mixer Marc Lewis (right) "relax" on the roller coaster!

Every band needs

a couple of goofballs. :-)