November 28, 2013 @ 12:36 PM

Greetings to all Orleans fans and friends around the world, and Happy Thanksgiving Day to those of us in the US.

This is traditionally a day for family and friends to get together, whether or not they do so at any other time of the year. Sometimes relationships are strained, dysfunctional, uncomfortable ... and, as adults moving into (hopefully) our wiser years, maybe some of us have gotten better at (if not mastered) the art of not only surviving the Holidays, but actually enjoying them. What a concept!

Of course, for some of us, the Holidays ARE in fact enjoyable times of reconnecting and sharing with family and friends. Nothing wrong with actually LIKING those closest to you by virtue of birth, right?

As for me, I feel as if I am right now attempting to reconnect with the family and friends of Orleans all around the globe, having done a particularly poor job of staying in touch this past year+. Sorry for that.

I could make excuses, like "I was too busy" (and I was plenty busy but, hey ... so were you), or "There wasn't much to talk about" (which would be a lie) ... but I guess the truth is that, in the wake of the events of 2012 and the process of rebuilding the band on the fly this year, this very private person has become even more so.

What I'm trying to say is part apology for being uncommunicative and part explanation. As evidence, I would point out that I have never opened a personal Facebook account (really?!?!), never sent a tweet nor an Instagram , nor am I on LinkedIn, and I'm certainly not broadcasting my current location on Foursquare! Nope. I'm only available by phone or text (if you have that number) and by email (and you all can do that from the Contact Us page if you ever wish to).

Anyway, It's nothing personal. I (and we) still love you ALL and, on this day of heightened awareness about what there is to be grateful for in this world, I would like to say on behalf of all of Orleans, that we are MOST grateful for YOU ... our fans and friends, who have supported us through the good times and the not so good times, and made what we do worth the doing for over 40 years.

With love and appreciation,

Lance Hoppen (for the entire Orleans ground crew)