November 19, 2020 @ 8:14 AM

Home ... new song video (with special guest Cindy Cashdollar)

This week’s offering is not just a new video, but a new recording of a song never before cut by Orleans.

“Home” first appeared on my solo CD "Love Doesn't Ask"but only began being performed live by the band recently. Written with Johanna Hall and Don Schlitz, it tells a story of family; childhood, adolescence, marriage, parenthood, childhood again.


In the late 1980s, following the release of our Grownup Children album, Orleans did lots of work in Nashville and collaborated with different country musicians. Johanna and I (John Hall) were signed to Almo Irving Music as writers and wound up partnering with various songwriters. A session was booked with the legendary Don Schlitz, who showed up with his acoustic guitar and lots of interesting conversation.

Don is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and former Nashville Songwriters Association and ASCAP songwriter of the year. He has written 21 number one hits including Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." Don also wrote the score for the Broadway show "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."


Special guest Cindy Cashdollar, lap steel and dobro icon, was the Americana Music Association instrumentalist of the year and is a member of the Austin TX Music Hall of Fame. She grew up in Woodstock NY, where Orleans was based when the band started out.


The audio recordings for this video were done in isolation in the fall of 2020, with Lance and Brady in Nashville, me in LaGrange NYFly in Gloucester MA, and Lane in Orlando FL. Audio and video of Cindy were recorded in an empty Bearsville Theater in Woodstock NY. 

Lane and Fly were videotaped at home. Video of John, Lance and Brady was done safely in Nashville. Still photos were taken years or decades before the pandemic.


While we know most people yearn to convene with family during this special time of the year,


Thanks and enjoy! - John



John Hall - guitar, lead vocal

Lance Hoppen - Bass, harmony vocal

Fly Amero - guitar, harmony vocal

Lane Hoppen - piano

Brady Spencer - drums


Video directed by Rob Arthur, Cindy's video recorded by Robert Frazza. 

Audio engineers: Mike Malfesi, Doug Wayne, Robert Frazza

Publishers: Irving Music/Schmirving Music (BMI), and Don Schlitz Music/MCA Music (ASCAP)

Audio master released by Sunset Boulevard Records