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We're Still Havin' Fun DVD

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Finally, after 35 years of music-making history, Orleans releases its first-ever DVD! Now not only can you HEAR what makes this band a true national treasure, you can SEE it in action!

Captured in concert in August of 2006, this expanded 8-man band roster revolves around co-founders Larry & Lance Hoppen and John Hall --- just prior to Mr. Hall’s departure due to his election to the US House of Representatives (D – NY 19). The core trio guides this stellar ensemble through a set that draws from all periods of the band’s musical journey; from the early days all the way through and up to some previously unrecorded material.

In-coming replacement and former Orleans alumnus, Dennis “Fly” Amero, demonstrates why he was asked back by delivering powerful featured guitar and vocal performances. Youngest Hoppen brother, Lane, lends his tasteful keyboards and genetically blended vocals to the mix. Imported from the Hall & Oates band, veteran saxophonist Charlie Dechant adds his unique flavor while percussionist Manuel Quintana solidifies the grooves laid down by world-class drummer Charlie Morgan (13 years with the Elton John band).

In addition to the music, the band offers insights and perspectives on the long and winding Orleans road, through interview footage interspersed throughout. To top it off, there are TWO special feature extras: The band’s amazing performance of America’s National Anthem (The Star- Spangled Banner) at Boston’s Fenway Park AND the hilarious comedic blues tune, “Mall Cop”, featuring Fly Amero.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have Orleans perform live, right in your own living room! Grab this disc for your video collection … and keep it handy, ‘cause you’ll be watching it often!



1. Let There Be Music
2. Dance With Me
3. Lady Liberty
4. She's Into Somethin'
5. Please Be There
6. Mission of Mercy
7. The Walking Wounded
8. In My Dream
9. (My House Is Like a) Zoo
10. Dancin' In the Moonlight                
11. Love Takes Time

12. Power
13. Love Lead Us Home
14. Juliet
15. Still the One
16. Forever

Bonus Clips:

1. Mall Cop
2. National Anthem (at Fenway Park)
3) Illustrated Discography
4) Interviews with the band including
     Co-founding member John Hall