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History of Orleans DVD

Price: $15.99
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Already got my oficial copy of the real thing yesterday and stayed up half the night repeating it. VERY NICE !!! It's so good to finally have a piece like this which seems to capture the "work in progress" as chronologically accurately as possible and is both exciting and sentimental with the inclusion of the archival footage and the "round table" memories. Altogether a wonderful addition to my growing Orleans library, which will soon require its own room and qualify as a "vault". My Orleans Christmas appetite has been satiated . Thanks boys ... and thanks Greg Rike ... and thanks everyone who participated. Merry Christmas to all.
Best, Sky Schrode


Orleans is very pleased to announce ...

Marked down from $19.95 to &15.99

Greg Rike and the people at Living Legends Music
have done a phenomenal job of capturing our story ---
ALL 4 DECADES of it --- in this feature length DVD.

Full of interview footage with those of us who have been there on the front lines
of this journey and performance videos from ALL time periods
dating back as far as 1973 (before the Midnight Special, but that's in here, too :-).

This is the definitive, authorized, 100% accurate and official history of Orleans!
... and something every serious Orleans fan should have in his or her collection.


Get the Official History of Orleans DVD along with the Last Band Standing DVD and SAVE!