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Dancin' in the Moonlight CD

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Re-released after years of being out of print ...
Dancin' in the Moonlight

The band's all-studio 2005 release includes their modern rendition of this classic 70s King Harvest hit.

But did you know just how connected Orleans is to this song? Keep reading ...

This album represents the last time the 3 then-surviving founders of Orleans --- John Hall, Larry and Lance Hoppen --- collaborated on recording new material. Short on time and even shorter on funding, there are a total of just 6 then-new cuts. To fill this out to a full-length CD, the guys decided to bring forward some of the best of 1996's Ride (the last time prior to this project they had cut new tunes), which had been largely unheard by the public. Get a Life is a bonus track from 1994's Analog Men.

The recording was engineered by drummer Charlie Morgan's "Thynne Man Studio", at that time housed in the utility room of his garage in Altamonte, FL... a space no bigger than 8' wide X 20' long. Drums, bass, guitars and keys , even vocals were all cut in that room. The "control room" was merely a small board and computer rig, also in that room. The Hammond M3 organ was in the garage itself, beyond the "studio" door ... and also beyond the air conditioning :-)

Still, we feel the results are impressive and speak for themselves. See if you don't agree.

Although this title is now out of stock, we have perfected the art of producing high-quality CDRs from the original WAV audio files, complete with the original artwork. If not for the CD stick-on label, it would be hard to tell the difference between these and mass-manufactured CDs. How 'bout you let us make one for you? As a bonus, we'll include 2 tracks from the Japanese-version release ... Meltdown and a Mission of Mercy remix!

Don't want a physical CD? Digital downloads are also available.

Given that there is some overlap of the same tracks on
Analog Man, Ride and Dancin' in the Moonlight,
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