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No More Than You Can Handle CD

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No More Than You Can Handle
An apt title for 40+ years of the best from Orleans!


Life is good, but it ain't always easy, is it?

Like yours, Orleans' lifespan has been full of ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies. In the end, whether good, bad or indifferent, as the title track's lyric states, "All is well, and this too shall pass."

Please help us celebrate both merely surviving and joyously thriving for the last 48+ years by having a listen to what we've put together in this 32-track collection.


Beyond the hand-picked favorites you may (or may not) have on other Orleans CDs, what's NEW on these discs?

2012 studio sound-alike remakes of Still the One, Dance With Me and Love Takes Time by Larry, Lance and John (with Charlie). You'll be amazed at how close we got to the originals!

The last master recordings by Larry and Lance in 2011 ... Asking Too Much and the title track, No More Than You Can Handle.

The most recent addition to the Orleans song list, Beautiful World, written by Fly Amero, John and Lance.

Don't want a physical CD? Digital downloads also available.

The CD insert below tells the story of the entrances and exits of the alumni musicians who have lent their considerable talents to Orleans over the decades. It also honors those we've lost along the way


As for the new CD, OMG ... I love the new versions [of the hits] the band recreated ... Wow! The drums and bass ... awesome. Larry sounded spectacular as well ... I also enjoyed [Lance's] vocal on No More Than You Can Handle. Thanks for keeping the band alive ... and please tell the guys how great I think the new stuff sounds!
Michael Leonard, Gansevoort NY