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Re-released on disc after years of being out of print ...
      Larry Hoppen, John Hall, Peter O'Brien, Bob Leinbach, Lance Hoppen

The history (continued from Analog Men page):

Although 1994's Analog Men was this album's starting point, only 3 of that album's 11 tunes actually made the leap to Ride. We had written so many newer and, in our own opinion, "better" songs by then, we simply didn't have enough room for any others than those we considered the absolute best from A-Men.

Listening back now, I don't know WHAT we were thinking! There is a LOT of really cool stuff on Analog Men! But I digress ...

Only Other People was brought forward intact, while Heaven underwent a major reworking and total re-recording. Analog Man also got some in-studio reconstructive surgery (and both operations were worth the results!).

For the Japanese release of this album, we added a remake of Sails (original version on Waking & Dreaming) as a bonus track. Get a Life, another Japanese bonus track, was originally an unused master from the Analog Men sessions.

Don't want a physical CD? Digital downloads are also available.

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