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A Career in Music: How to Stand a Chance, by Larry Hoppen

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A Career in Music: How to Stand a Chance
a book by Larry Hoppen

   You know that Larry Hoppen was a great musician .... with the uniquely-identifiable tenor voice that graced ALL of Orleans hits  ... a tremendous multi-instrumentalist who knew his way around guitars and bass as much as he did keyboards and more ... that he was a prolific songwriter with Love Takes Time as the jewel in his crown.

   You might even know that he was a humanitarian activist, often lending his time, money and musical talents to progressive social, political and humane causes. His foundation, Sunshine for HIV Kids, which raised money to send HIV+ kids to summer camps (where he would often appear to offer solo unplugged concerts), was a shining example of that aspect of Larry.

   But we'll bet you didn't know that he was an author, OR that he had (for a relatively brief time) a 2nd career in the world of Financial Planning, annuities and insurances. We kid you not.

   And it was while he had one foot in that world that he wrote this manual, which is partly an autobiograhically-based essay on what it takes to make it as a working musician

8 1/2 X 11, soft cover, 75 pages
   It's also a primary education on how to manage money as you manage yourself as an artist, so that the fruits of your labors might amount to something.

   Rare photographs of Larry's early personal and musical life, as well as many from latter day exploits, permeate the pages . Many of his famous friends chime in with their own stories and words of widom. 

   Fans of Larry's will want this book merely because he wrote it ... others because it's a rare item you won't find anywhere else. But ANYONE seeking a career in music (or with a child seeking one) would do well to grab a copy while there still are some.

   This limited number and final copies of Larry's book have been made available by his widow, Patty Smith-Hoppen and 100% of the net proceeds from sales will go to their daughters, Maeve and Claire.