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Last Band Standing DVD

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 Orleans: Last Band Standing

The sequel to the Official History of Orleans DVD ... post-2012 and the loss of brother Larry Hoppen, with the return of co-founder John Hall, the re-configured Orleans plays a show in March of 2013, streamed live over the internet from GRP Studios in Altamonte Springs, FL. While in rehearsals, the band members (along with Sherman Kelly and Doc Robinson of King Harvest) both reminisce about the past and speak of the potentials of the future for Orleans as the "work in progress" continues.

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say I love the new dvd ... I was really curious how you guys were gonna sound without Larry. Of course Larry is missed but you guys haven't missed a beat and the songs still sound great. Great to see John back. Love the way everyone shares the vocals.
Steve Placotaris ... fellow musician and Orleans fan in Bethlehem PA

Just got the new dvd ... Great job to all who participated in it. Love every bit of it ... music and memorials to Larry ... so classily done on all of your parts ... so heartfelt .... such a wonderful tribute to him and to your 41 years of continuity of the best music I know!  Love you guys!  You're the best there is ... hope you will be the last band standing!
Donna Payne, upstate NY

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