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You found this page because you are a Peak Potentials list-member ... and you came to pick up your free download of "I Have a Millionaire Mind". No problem. You can immediately scroll down to the download link. You don't even have to enter your name or email address. It's absolutely FREE ... with no strings attached. You're in for a treat! 


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Orleans & Friends perform at 
Seminar of the Century

Orleans & Friends (well ... most of us!)
Backstage before the BIG show


 This mp3 player starts automatically, but you can stop it by clicking twice on the play/pause button. Choose a selection --- start and stop as you wish. Enjoy!


Besides "I Have a Millionaire Mind", we've loaded the player with a medley of Orleans' music and another medley of Shawn's music. To learn more, please visit the Music & Merch page on this site and/or visit ShawnGallaway.com



Shawn Gallaway

You know us best for our 70s hits, "Still the One", "Dance With Me", "Love Takes Time" ... and we're proud of those classics ... but there's a lot more to Orleans than a few golden oldies!

You're already inside the Orleans website. From the navigation menu on he left, you can pretty much get anywhere ... bios, tour dates info, photos & videos --- check us out singing the National Anthem at the Red Sox game in Fenway Park, performing "Dancin' in the Moonlight" from our new DVD, watch the hilarious "Mall Cop" video ...  

And, of course, there's music and merchandise to be had ... CDs of new and classic Orleans songs, digital downloads, tee-shirts and, especially, our first-ever DVD release, "We're Still Havin' Fun"!

Please feel free to browse, to watch the videos, to listen to music samples, to get connected by joining our fanmail list --- which entitles you right away to even MORE FREE DOWNLOADS!

Shawn is not only a  dear friend, he's an accomplished singer/songwriter, painter, workshop facilitator ... 

Shawn's  mission is clear: empowering people to take caring, positive action in their lives and in the world right now. He accomplishes this resoundingly through both his music and art. As a multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist, Shawn weaves music, song, and painting into a richly textured experience that calls for enlightened activism.

Those who were there at Seminar of the Century when Shawn's deeply moving "I Choose Love" video was presented on the jumbotron screens will never forget that emotional moment of inspiration and hope.

Shawn's CDs are available online at www.ShawnGallaway.com ... and you can listen to samples in the mp3 player above.



Best of friends, Shawn Gallaway and Lance Hoppen (co-founder of Orleans) first met in Nashville, TN in 1990 ... but they did not begin their musical collaborations until a few years ago, with Lance contributing bass and background vocals to Shawn's "Love Will Overcome" CD.

Lance invited Shawn to accompany him to an MMI weekend in Atlanta, June of 2006, where they were inspired to write several tunes based on Harv's message. The flagship song is "I Have a Millionaire Mind" ... and we humbly offer it to YOU with the hopes that, through the power of music --- engaging mind, body and soul, all at once --- it will help you keep the intention of wealth-consciousness present in your mind while reaching you deep in your heart.

Shawn Gallawy & Lance Hoppen
co-writers of "I Have a Millionaire Mind"

We are currently in an ongoing discussion with Harv about supplying Peak Potentials with this, as well as other songs, based on MMI principles. If you like what you hear, we would appreciate it if you would let Harv know by offering some feedback.

But later for that ... for NOW, please enjoy your personal copy of "I Have a Millonaire Mind" with our compliments! Enjoy!

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       Lance Hoppen & Shawn Gallaway