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Newsletter 10-07

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   Welcome to the October edition of the Orleans Newsletter
   Thank YOU for being here!

   Hope you like this
new and improved format! READ ON!

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   Topics covered in this E-zine:

1. What's been happenin'?
     DVD Release!
     Mall Cop on YouTube!
     Digital Downloads Store is OPEN!

2. What's next?
3. Recaps
4. Gigs?
5. Cool Links                                        


Grab this disc 
for your video collection
and keep it handy, ‘cause you’ll
be watching it often!

1. What's Been Happenin'???

     Sorry for the wait, but the "We're Still Havin' Fun" DVD is
NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE ! Don’t miss this opportunity to have Orleans perform live, right in your own living room!

     16 tracks of concert footage, spanning the history of the band from the early days right on up to some previously unrecorded material!

     Here's what one early-bird viewer had to say:

     "I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with the live DVD. Honestly, given the wait and the inconsistent quality of many other music DVDs, I was sort of expecting to be disappointed - but I was wrong. Not only is the music terrific, but the videography is outstanding and the construct of the story  that is told is really, really well done. It seemed to pick up speed and interest as it went along. I also loved the juxtapositioning of the pictures from the 70's with the current performance. As a website and video guy I appreciate the difficulty in doing this at all, let alone doing it as effectively as you have done here.Anyway, I am so grateful to you for generating the DVD."
     --- (our thanks to Don Liebson from Manhattan Beach, CA, for this unsolicited testimonial)

See and hear the epic saga 
about the unsung hero of Mall 
Security on YouTube
(search "Orleans, Mall Cop")
or just go to our website's

Mall Cop page!

Please tell your friends. They 
could use a good laugh, too!

The "story" Don refers to is the interview footage from each of us, woven throughout the concert.

     Good news! The DVD contains our performance of the National Anthem at Fenway Park, Boston!

     MORE good news! We've included "Mall Cop" on the disc! If you haven't yet seen or heard Fly's offbeat comedic blues tune yet, you can now --- released in TWO video versions on YouTube, with the
full-length feature on the DVD.


Meanwhile, we've just opened the OrleansOnline Digital Download Store. First up? mp3s of all 10 SONY CD cuts AND a "single" of "Mall Cop"!

Not good at turning CDs into mp3s? Don't care for the physical product and want just the music? Maybe you just HAVE to have us on your iPod?

Head on over to the Digital Store ... where you can pick up individual cuts for as little as 89 cents! And right now you can get the whole SONY CD (10 cuts) for even less than that per cut!

  2. What's next?

     Prime touring season for 2007 is over ... but we're still available for winter gigs! :-) Spring of 2008 is shaping up nicely ... including a first-ever trip to Europe! Meanwhile, we'll be readying more digital audio & video for release. Please stay tuned!

  3. Recaps

     PBS began airing "My Music: The 70s Experience" the first weekend of August!
check your local listings) (for the rest of the story, click here)

     CDs Available Online:

     "We're Still Havin' Fun" (SONY/BMG)
    A collection of 10 tracks from the DVD of the same name as audio-only. 
Although you might be able to find it at WalMart, etc. we can offer it to you right off the site! And, as a BONUS, we are including an EXCLUSIVE, SIGNED POSTER with every CD! ... which you can ONLY get by purchasing through us.

     "Live - Volume 1": ("Greatest Hits" Live), "Dancin' in the Moonlight" (latest studio cuts), "Still the One: Live" (30 years of tapes from our personal vaults) --- ALL available at FridayMusic

     It's also worth a mentioning that the SWAG Shop is open now, with tee-shirts, caps, etc. New items are added periodically, so check back often.

     October Gigs

     October was a VERY busy gig month, starting with the Berlin, CT Lions Fair on the 5th and ending with the Florida Democratic Convention in Orlando on the 27th.


     Working with long-time friend Robbie Dupree, Jimi Jamison, and/or John Cafferty & "Tunes" is always a treat, but the highlight (for me) of the RPM show at House of Blues/Disneyworld was playing acoustic guitar on Joey Molland's Badfinger tunes ("No Matter What", "Day By Day", "If You Want It", "My Baby Blue"). Great fun!

     Oktoberfest in Celebration, FL (another Disney town) with John Cafferty & Michael Antunes ("Tunes") was terrific ... and the Democratic Convention was, well ... a convention. :-) The best part was the end-of-the-night set, when the real listeners hung around. That was nice!

     But here are the big stories --- the Syracuse Univ. football game and "Orleans & Friends" at the Ridgefield Playhouse --- best told in picture format:


The site of a legendary gig in '74 (or was it '75?), Orleans returns to the Syracuse (NY) University "Quad" for an outdoor morning show, prior to the SU/West Va. game.

Morning performance complete, we barely make it to the Carrier Dome playing field in time to sing the National Anthem ... after which we are escorted to the VIP room!

Alas, the game does not go well for the home team. Lane attempts to help through scoreboard camouflage, but Charlie goes from being unimpressed to despairing. Final score: 55 to 17.
                         Scoreboard photos from Production Manager Mike Malfesi's cell phone :-)

Still, there were some interesting highlights ... like the enormous and impressive West Virginia marching band. But I have to admit, I had my eye on something else.

Before show, Ridgefield Playhouse, L to R: 
Guest guitarist Al Ferrante, Lane, Lance, Jimi Jamison, Joe Lynn Turner, Charlie, Larry, Fly.

Jimi's powerful voice tears the house down on "High On You" ... just one of the great songs we get to back him up on. 

Can you say "Rock Star"? Joe Lynn Turner lives the part! My Woman from Tokyo, Hush, Stone Cold, Street of Dreams, Smoke on the Water ... HELLO!

This show rocked so hard, I thought we might hurt somebody! Thankfully, no casualties were reported!      Stage shots: Bagwell/Sharp

   4. November/December Gigs?

Tuesday, November 27
RPM - Private event with Jimi Jamison, Dave Jenkins (Pablo Cruise) and John
Cafferty & "Tunes" (Beaver Brown Band)
House of Blues
Chicago, IL

Saturday, Dec 1st
RPM with David Pack (Ambrosia), Rick Derringer, Jimi Jamison
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Cape Canaveral, FL

     Prime touring season for 2007 is over, but gigs do tend to pop up from nowhere. Please check the Tour Dates page periodically for details & updates about live shows.

   5. Cool Links!

 Watch the video --- Bonnie Raitt and friends say 
"somethin's happpenin' here ..."

Got a gig? No?

   If YOU have a Cool Link to share, please send it to orleanssupport@gmail.com


     As for me --- 

     November will find me renovating my kitchen and downstairs bathroom, visiting college campuses with my daughter, writing and doing song demos, developing the website ... Just 'cause we ain't playin' doesn't mean I ain't workin'! :-)

     Hope you're enjoying the new web stuff at least half as much as I am creating it. Feedback is always welcome at orleanssupport@gmail.com

   Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

   Lance Hoppen
      (on behalf of all of Orleans)

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