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Newsletter 5-1-08

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Orleans to Record NEW Music!

Hey Gang!

Just a few items of interest, beginning with this:

Next week, Orleans will record the FIRST NEW STUDIO SONG since our Dancin' in the Moonlight CD of 2005 ... and the first thing since John Hall's departure in late 2006.

We figured it was long enough! The legacy has been captured ... the We're Still Havin' Fun CD/DVD live set is firmly established ... and now it's time to MOVE FORWARD!

Rather than wait for a 10-song collection to cut a full CD (now an "old-school" idea), we will cut great songs as we write them or, in this case, find them ... and then release them digitally online.

This first GREAT song comes from our friends Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura (Baillie & the Boys) ... the couple responsible for bringing me to Nashville in '89. This is one of my favorite tunes of theirs. When I played it for Larry, he freaked! Everyone who hears it feels the same.

Better get out your hankies now, 'cause this is a real heartstring-puller! Not sure when it will be ready for release, but it shouldn't be all that long. We'll keep you posted!

Speaking of "new" ...


The Pictures/Stories/YouTubes from the Holland Trip Are Up!

Well, it's taken a lot longer than I thought it would to complete this look into Orleans' trip to the The Netherlands! Good thing I enjoy the process. :-)

There are FOUR webpages of picture/story, complete with a lot of candid shots of the guys and some cool YouTube bootleg posts I found of the club performances  ... and TWO surprise interview segments.

Good with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

Check it out HERE!