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Pictorial Webpage from
Tampa Busch Gardens Gig

Hey Gang!

This one is really short, sweet and to the point ...

We just posted a webpage full of pics from the 4-day gig at Tampa Busch Gardens, along with some explanatory captions.

Definitely some surprises in these photos! If you're into such things (or just need a 5-minute break from whatever it is you're doing), click on over to 


Back From Holland!

Hey there, gang!

Just got back from our 10-day run to NY/NJ and then over to The Netherlands! WOW, what a trip!

There is a LOT to report to you about those shows ... and SO many pictures and videos! ... too much for me to handle posting in the last couple of days, as I recovered from the 7-hour time zone change. BUT --- I'll be attacking it over the next few days.

To get a brief overview, you can go to Fly's site and see what he had to say about it all --- http://flyamero.com/tournews

Orleans' Adventures in HomeTownLand!

Hey Gang!

Who says you can't go home?

Doesn't apply to Orleans! Earleir this month we did gigs in both Bay Shore/Brentwood, NY --- home town of the Hoppen brothers --- AND Bearsville/Woodstock, NY --- birthplace of Orleans.

In Brentwood, the boys paid a visit to our alma mater, speaking to the music students there.

In Bearsville, Robbie Dupree and Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) joined us to benefit the Queens Galley food kitchen.

TWO new picture-packed pages are up on the website, to chronical these adventures. Check 'em out at:

www.OrleansOnline.com/Brentwood.html and


Next, I'll be wading through a massive supply of pics and videos to help tell the tale of Orleans in Holland! Please give me to the end of this week on that project, OK?